Friday, 1 February 2013

How to: Heart-warming Porridge with a Twist

In the Winter nothing is better than a nice warm bowl of porridge (especially if you live in England), before you walk out the door into the snow or crazy gale. This is my twist on a healthy breakfast. Porridge sets you up for the day ahead and lifts your mood. It could also be a great snack afternoon or evening.

To create my heart-warming porridge you need: Oats, Milk/Water, Sultanas, Sugar, Cinnamon and Ginger.

Personally, I use the supermarket's own brands of porridge oats simply because they are on the whole cheaper and better value for money.

I use milk in my porridge so that it has a creamy and smooth texture when it's cooked. But to add a bit of a kick I add a sprinkle of Cinnamon and Ginger. By doing this, it turns everyday porridge into something a bit more special with the same goodness.

After stirring it in, I add Sultanas for fruit but if you're making this in the Summer or Spring you might want to add Strawberries or Blueberries instead.

 When I wake up in the mornings I feel the need to accompany my breakfast with some sort of herbal tea and today, I picked Cranberry, Raspberry and Elderflower. The Twinings herbal teas are caffeine free and really relax you.

To finish off, sprinkle with a tad of sugar and eat. What could be better?
Thanks for reading. Let me know how you like to have your porridge down below.
Katie xox