Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What's in my bag?

So after reading Victoria 's blog post ( about what's in her bag, I felt inspired to do my own. I am already obsessed with constantly scrolling through YouTube videos finding out what's in other people's bags. No idea why. I just am.

This is my bag, I normally carry this one around with me at weekends. I bought it from Primark about a year ago in the sale and although it may be a bit battered around the edges it isn't broken...yet.

So... inside my bag I carry a stupid amount of things I don't need:
Toothpaste - without a toothbrush pretty useless, but that doesn't seem like a good enough excuse
Carmex - the best lip balm on the planet
Keys - one of the useful items I carry with me
Headphones - in case I want to be unsociable
Sunglasses - 'in case'
Perfume sample, Hand cream - which I barely ever use
Impulse Very Pink- to smell good
Photo - I printed too many in Photography the other day and somehow it made its way into this bag
Thank you cards - should really give them to the people they're for
Diary - so I feel organised
Purse - obvious one
Company magazine - all about blogging may I add
and of course, my Phone.
Think that I need a good clear out as most of these, I don't even use.  This could be worse if I carried make-up with me though, but generally speaking I don't feel the need to touch-up throughout the day.
Hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing it.
Leave me a comment with what you carry in your bag or maybe link me to your blog post?
Thank you, Katie xox


  1. Ooooh I love "What's in My Bag" posts. Love your purse! & really nice blog!
    Fashion Ganache.

  2. Aw, thank you for mentioning me and I'm glad my post motivated you to do one of your own :) I love these posts so much! I can't believe you don't have any lip products in your bag other than one lip balm. It's kind of random that you have toothpaste but no toothbrush! haha

    1. I'm glad you've seen this, I love your Blog! I tend not to carry any lip products with me (as obsessed as I am) because normally I haven't got time to re-apply :( The toothpaste - well the things you find in your bag eh? xox

  3. I love your blog, he's very interesting.